Second Brain

Welcome to my Second Brain! Here you'll find thoughts, lessons, facts and any other interesting musings that I've come across or thought up over the years. A lot of what I have gathered is originally from the minds of others, while some of it originates from myself. Some notes may contain misinformation, though I try to be rigorous with my additions.

What I have here does not necessarily reflect my thoughts and views. I collect information not based upon whether I agree with it or not, but rather when I determine it to contain some value that can be served in the future.

You can think of this collection of inter-linked notes as my personal wiki.

This Dendron notebook is the sister vault to the tech-focused Digital Garden


Throughout the Second Brain, I have made use of tags, which give semantic meaning to the pieces of information.

  • ex. - Denotes an example of the preceding piece of information
  • spec: - Specifies that the preceding information has some degree of speculation to it, and may not be 100% factual. Ideally this gets clarified over time as my understanding develops. I try to go back after I have better understood the topic and clear out the notes of spec: tags
  • anal: - Denotes an analogy of the preceding information. When I can, I attempt to link concepts to others that I have previously learned.
  • mn: - Denotes a mnemonic to aid in memorization
  • expl: - Denotes an explanation


UE (Unexamined) Resources

Often, I come across sources of information that I believe to be high-quality. They may be recommendations or found in some other way. No matter their origin, I may be in a position where I don't have the time to fully examine them (and properly extract notes), or I may not require the information at that moment in time. In cases like these, I will add reference to a section of the note called UE Resources. The idea is that in the future when I am ready to examine them, I have a list of resources that I can start with. This is an alternative approach to compiling browser bookmarks, which I've found can quickly become untenable.

E (Examined) Resources

Once a resource has been thoroughly examined and has been mined for notes, it will be moved from UE Resources to E Resources. This is to indicate that (in my own estimation), there is nothing more to be gained from the resource that is not already in the note.


This heading is for inexhaustible resources.

  • A prime example would be a quality website that continually posts articles- another example would be a tool, such as software that measures frequencies in a room to help acoustically treat it.

  1. AI
  2. Addiction
  3. Ambition
  4. Anki
  5. Anticipation
  6. Antifragility
  7. Assumptions
  8. Business
  9. Character
  10. Charisma
  11. Composure
  12. Computer Science
  13. Consciousness
  14. Conspiracies
  15. Convergence Divergence
  16. Cooking
  17. Creativity
  18. Criticism
  19. Culture
  20. Curiosity
  21. Deceit
  22. Decision Making
  23. Diversity
  24. Divorce
  25. Driving
  26. Economics
  27. Equality
  28. Etiquette
  29. Evolution
  30. Experts
  31. Finance
  32. Fitness
  33. Forgiveness
  34. Freedom
  35. Freewill
  36. Genetics
  37. Grit
  38. Habits
  39. History
  40. Human Nature
  41. Humanity
  42. Humor
  43. Identity
  44. Ideology
  45. Influence
  46. Integrity
  47. Intelligence
  48. Islam
  49. Knowledge
  50. Law
  51. Learning
  52. Legal System
  53. Linguistics
  54. Logic
  55. Math
  56. Meditation
  57. Memory
  58. Mental Models
  59. Motivation
  60. Music
  61. Network Effects
  62. Notetaking
  63. Nutrition
  64. Parenting
  65. Peace
  66. Perception
  67. Planting
  68. Power
  69. Privilege
  70. Productivity
  71. Psychology
  72. Questions
  73. Racism
  74. Relationships
  75. Religion
  76. Respect
  77. Rights
  78. Romance
  79. Science
  80. Self
  81. Sleep
  82. Social Media
  83. Statistics
  84. Stoicism
  85. Success
  86. System
  87. Temperature
  88. Thinking
  89. Venting
  90. Vulnerability
  91. Willpower
  92. Wokeism