Science is a self correcting mechanism. When science makes a mistakes, it is through more science that we reach the solution and right the wrong that had previously been made.

One can conduct science without ever believing in the theory, just as a policeman can enact the law without believing in it.

  • Science is a framework through which we deal with theories, regardless of whether we believe them or not
  • If a theory has by some chance survived the intense criticism that science has learned to apply, then the idea never meets the fate of being discarded. Note, this does not mean that it has been accepted necessarily.

Cold water evaporates very slowly, producing less moisture in the atmosphere, resulting in less rain. Ex. Can be seen on globe. Coastal areas that are arid are cold currents, while lush ones are warm currents

Warmer ocean water evaporates faster, leaving water saltier than cold water is

E = mc2, which is a two-way recipe for how much matter your energy is worth, and how much energy your matter is worth.

Alaska’s Mount McKinley look like a molehill. The cosmic mountain-building recipe is simple: the weaker the gravity on the surface of an object, the higher its mountains can reach.

Whenever you see a small solid object that is suspiciously spherical, you can assume it formed in a molten state.

we had eyes that could see magnetic fields, Jupiter would look ten times larger than the full Moon in the sky.

There are more molecules of water in an eight-ounce cup of the stuff than there are cups of water in all the world’s oceans.

A single breathful draws in more air molecules than there are breathfuls of air in Earth’s entire atmosphere.

Gas temperature is just a way of expressing how much movement energy the molecules have on average,

for a fixed mass of gas, the pressure is inversely proportional to the volume (if you double the pressure, you halve the volume), while the temperature is proportional to the pressure (if you double the temperature, you double the pressure)

If you take an iron bar, wrap it with a couple hundred turns of thin wire, and then run a current through the wire, the iron bar becomes a magnet.

at present during any given century there is about one chance in a thousand that the Earth will be struck by a comet or asteroid large enough to kill at least a substantial proportion of all human beings.

imagine being on a speeding train. If a bullet is shot through the window, it would seem that it was shot at an angle, because the train would have moved between the time the bullet entered one window and exited the window on the other side.

“The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content.”

everything that is not a law of nature is just a shared belief

  • ex. money, love, borders are shared beliefs. thermodynamics and evolution are laws of nature

the reason a flame rises upward is due to gravity. When a burning wick releases hot air, the fact that it is less dense makes it rise, and the vacant space created as a result is filled with colder air (which is more dense) (this motion of air is called convection)

  • this means that in the absence of gravity, the flame becomes spherical

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  • Bananas produce ethylene, which causes things to mature faster. put a banana near an unripe fruit and it will cause it to ripen faster

  • smells needs water molecules in the air to be able to travel

5 diseases that threaten science

  • The below diseases all lead to publication bias, which is considered a big problem in the world of science.
  1. significosis, an inordinate focus on statistically significant results;
  2. neophilia, an excessive appreciation for novelty;
  3. theorrhea, a mania for new theory;
  4. arigorium, a deficiency of rigor in theoretical and empirical work;
  5. disjunctivitis, a proclivity to produce large quantities of redundant, trivial, and incoherent works.

99% of the universe is not perceivable by a human (ie. we cannot use our 5 senses to interact with it).

  • Consider the WiFi signals passing through the air, the radio waves hitting you from a nearby airport etc. If 99% of it all is imperceivable, then we must consider this as a way to explain not understood phenomena. We might very well be seeing something new for the first time, but is it that the object is new, or is it that we just didn't have the tools/capabilities of seeing it before?

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