Ambition vs Hard-Workingness

Consider the distinction between a hard worker and an ambitious person. Would you say that an employee who performs well for a company, but otherwise does not climb the ranks (so to speak) of any field that he or she might be in.

  • Someone who is ambitious will strive to truly make a difference. To be phenonomenal at what they do, and to truly care doing it. Think about extreme cases like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. They are without a doubt hard workers, but we would also consider them ambitions. They genuinely want to impact the world.

This is interesting, because in fact, there are not many ambitious employees at Lighthouse. However, it is a successful business, both economically and for the quality of education. This highlights the importance of creating a business that is grounded in a quality system. Think about McDonald’s, whose vast majority of employees are considered cheap labour. The business model is solid because McDonald’s has excellent quality control (meaning not that it is high quality food, but that the quality of food at McDonald’s is virtually identical no matter where you go in the world). The same can not be said for Burger King, for example.

The important insight here is that if you build your business around a strong foundation, you will have a strong business.

Having a drive is necessary for success, but if you are weak, then the drive will not be able to sustain itself. For that, you need strength. Strength is the gasoline that propels the car (the drive) to move