Computer Science

learning about computers and how they work will give you a lot of framework understanding for how things work elsewhere in life

  • ex. having a conceptual understanding of protocols, how they work, and their purpose will allow you to leverage this knowledge and map it in your brain when you are considering how the post office works.
    • effectively, we are creating nodes of concepts in our minds, and by having multiple concepts that are linked to each other, we are able to leverage what we already know. The computer world has many such conceptual links with concepts in the real world, and getting a healthy dose of computer concepts will help us in many areas of our lives outside of computers.

Coding is computer science in the same way that buying something at the store is economics, or talking to your neighbor is sociology.

  • expl. Buying a widget at the store is governed by dynamics described by economics. We can use economics to answer questions like “why was the widget priced the way it is?” or “why does this store stock widgets in the first place?” But it’s a stretch to say that participation in the economy is doing economics.