"Wokeness" can be summarized by several core tenets:

  1. the belief in ubiquitous racism and other “isms”, often inferred from statistical disparities,
  2. the rejection of liberal enlightenment principles, e.g. safetyism over free speech and open debate ("you can't say that; you're questioning my right exist!") and standpoint epistemology over objectivity ("your opinion is not valid as a white man"), to name a few,
  3. a strong emphasis on group identity over individuality, and
  4. the use of shame, social coercion, sarcasm, pedantry, and similar devices, rather than persuasion, to spread the “gospel”.

Note that it’s a cluster concept, which is categorized by a weighted list of criteria, such that no one of these criteria is either necessary or sufficient for membership. Thus there is no single "test" for it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a coherent ideology.

Referring to the third party unknown in male third person (he/him) is not an indication that person thinks literally of them as a male, just like the French speaker doesn’t think of a table as a male object

  • “I may refer to the reader as he, but I no more think of my readers are specifically male than a French speaker thinks of a table as female” -Richard Dawkins